Howdy folks! My name is Jenn Beck and I’m the Evolved Project Manager and Tattoo Host. During the week I help to keep Evolved Body Art involved with the community. Whether it’s sponsoring the local roller derby team, speaking at a local middle school, or taking part in the local community festival, I’m here to make sure we are aware of what’s going on in our community, and what our community wants from us. On the weekends I work at the shop as the Tattoo Host. I help keep the flow of traffic running smoothly on our busiest tattoo days so that no client walks away unhappy!
When I’m not working at Evolved, I’m probably wearing a fake mustache, drinking a beer, and watching Drop Dead Fred with my dog 🙂
I also like:
Walks on the beach
Romantic candle light dinners
Marvin Gaye
Or any movie with Julia Roberts!