I’m your friendly neighborhood Daytonian!
I’ve lived in Dayton, OH for nearly my whole life, but have always traveled to work in a studio and be part of this wonderfully diverse industry. I’ve been fascinated by the cultural significance of body modification from a young age and knew I had to participate–whether that meant by receiving my own modifications or providing the experience for someone else. I had my first professional body piercing when I was a teenager, but didn’t begin my journey inside the industry until I was 22. Since then, my love has soared.
I’m incredibly happy to be part of the Evolved crew and have the opportunity to grow alongside so many wonderful piercers. I can’t wait to pierce you!
My pronouns are she/her/hers, I enjoy collecting antiques, records, and taxidermy, and you can almost always find me snuggled up on the off days with a spooky movie and the dog at my side!