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Allow me to introduce… myself. I am Alia. The light of my life is my stepdaughter. When I’m not at work I create art, primarily working in acrylic, collage, and mixed media. If we’ve met, I already have a mental log of how I would adorn your ears.

I am motivated by the desire to decorate people, I deeply value self-expression (especially jewelry!) and I’ve always been fascinated by human anatomy–in other words, I love my job! I found Evolved by reputation, I am honored to be here. Whatever your reason to be here, I welcome you.

People seek modifications for a number of reasons, strictly aesthetic, to signify milestones, to reclaim the body from trauma, or for a multitude of other reasons. Although the medium of flesh is ancient, I continually educate myself in this dynamic industry in order to provide a safe space to help you actualize yourself. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and, hopefully, we can see each other soon!

You can find Alia at 2520 Summit St.

12 – 8 PM

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday