Brody Guidry is a Piercer and Jewelry coordinator who partners with You, (his clients) leading industry brands and independent jewelers to grow your personal style, face-to-face. After spending over 15 years -working for various other studios and companies piercing for veteran and newborn business’-Brody knows what truly drives conversations and top rated reviews—and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well a piercing professional connects with those who entrust their visions to him, and executing those visions with precision and an experience you’ll love to tell your friends and family about.

In addition to his extensive work experiences and portfolio, Brody is a goldsmith, who prides himself on his vast knowledge of quality jewelry, and is very excited to be able to pair with studios to provide these unique pieces to his clients.

Brody has a family that he enjoys spending his days off with, his wife and their two children. Both children love visiting him at work and his wife shows nothing but support for his passion in his career.

You can find Brody at 2520 Summit St.