Piercings by Lauren D
I first stepped foot in the door of Evolved at the young age
of 16.  I can honestly say that i grew up in the shop.
I started as a high school intern followed by a job
as counter help and finally into a body piercing apprentice.
My goal as an apprentice is to gain experience and
further my knowledge to become the best body piercer
I can be.

questions? email me at

Now some fun facts about ME!

My friends call me Hotpants… I don’t know where the name came from, it just stuck.
I have a weird obsession with pirates.  Yes, Pirates of the Caribbean was sweet
but I have other reasons for my fascination with them. Proof would be my sleeve
done by Matt Barnett.
I love scary movies but terrified of them at the same time.
My love for animals turned me to explore Veterinary Medicine at Ohio University.
It was short lived, Chemistry isn’t my favorite subject.
The key to my heart would be hummus and pizza, but not together that would be
gross. Or would it?
In the evening I spend my time singing karaoke or watching local bands