Following an 18-year career as a graphic designer, Shidoshi dedicated two intensive years as an apprentice in his effort to become a professional body piercer. He is passionate about sharing and expanding on the wealth of information he has learned throughout his career – acting as an ambassador to the body modification industry for first-time piercees (particularly children) and ardently seeks to bring about the ban of piercing gun use. Shidoshi became a member of the Association of Professional Piercers in 2019 and zealously seeks out every opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience whenever possible.

In addition to piercing, Shidoshi is a professional body paint / special FX makeup artist, has toured with several bands as a DJ, vocalist, & keyboardist, and is also an accomplished chef who specializes in Low-Country Southern cuisine. In his free time, Shidoshi dedicates himself to a myriad of endless art projects (painting, illustration, sculpting, woodcarving and leatherworking) and can often be found wandering the woods of Ohio – or in costume at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Huzzah.

You can find Shidoshi at 1980 N. High St.