Kelsi’s Certificates
Kelsi began her way into the industry in 2016, as counter staff at Thrive Studios in Cambridge, Ontario.
With little opportunity to find a reputable apprenticeship in Canada, she had the opportunity to move to
Columbus, OH and begin her piercing apprenticeship after moving countries in August 2018.
Kelsi strives to provide the very best for her clientele and is committed to doing so by having up-to-date
knowledge on aftercare, wound healing, always looking to improve on piercing
techniques, and attending courses and seminars with other piercers from around the world, and don’t forget about her sparkly personality!
In her spare time, she enjoys weightlifting, singing, painting, drawing, and generally being creative. She lives with her boyfriend John and loves spending time with his two wonderful children, Alex and Gabe.
Kelsi sincerely looks forward to making your next piercing experience a comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable one; and thanks you for your trust in her abilities!

You can find Kelsi at 1980 N. High St. & 2520 Summit St.

Tuesday 12-8 PM (1980 N. High St.)
Wednesday 12-7 PM (2520 Summit St.)
Thursday 12-8 PM (2520 Summit St.)
Friday 12-8 PM (1980 N. High St.)
Saturday 12-8 PM (2520 Summit St.)