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2520 Summit St

  • Monday: 6pm-11pm
  • Tuesday: Noon-11pm
  • Wednesday: 6pm-11pm
  • Friday: Noon-6pm

1980 N High St

  • Thursday: 3pm-11pm

Michael Chance began his piercing career in 2000 at Piercology. Since that time, he has worked at some of the finest studios in the country, including Splash of Color in E. Lansing MI and 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City, OK. Although he enjoyed his travels, he returned to Columbus to raise his son. Upon returning to Columbus, he returned to Piercology in 2012 to help apprentice and rebuild their clientele, which he has done for the past five years. That accomplished, he is extremely excited to find himself a part of the amazing team at Evolved.