They always say you know it when it happens.  That moment when all of a sudden; things start moving in slow motion.  It’s not the dissociation this time.  Could it be vertigo?  All sound drops out and you hear it.  The faint sound of Kiss from a Rose by Seal from the 1995 Tim Burton film: Batman Forever.  The music crescendos. You see it or you see them.  What you’ve been waiting for, an awakening of body and soul, sunlight captured in evanescence.  Burning the image into your eyes.  Maybe you have never been a poet, an artist, a hopeless romantic.  But now 1,000 awakened passions have been unleashed.  You gather yourself, overwhelmed by these new feelings only to notice that time has sped up.  And they are gone.  What do you do with these displaced emotions? How do you capture a moment?

09/10 artists agree you should probably get a tattoo about it.

And the other artist is an elitist poser.

Who can help you numb this pain? Capture this moment? Or just make you look 5% cooler?

Brett Burleigh can help you.

You can find Brett at 2520 Summit St.