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Charity Oetgen is a wildlife artist with a master’s of fine art degree from Laguna College of Art + Design.  In all artistic pursuits, she combines her passions for art and conservation to create work that inspires and strengthens the bonds between humans and nature.  As a watercolor painter who has been published by National Geographic, and has works in Dr. Jane Goodall’s art collection, watercolor tattoos with vivid color are her favorite style.  Her designs are meticulously researched and then traditionally painted in watercolor before they are put on skin. Charity believes that a watercolor style tattoo is best created by making an actual watercolor painting to create an added layer of authenticity to the design. So when she creates a piece for you, she is essentially creating two.

Charity could talk about animals (especially bonobos and okapis), conservation, world travel, philosophy, psychology, and core early life experiences all day with her clients.  A bookworm of the highest order, you will easily walk out of your appointment with two or more book recommendations.  

A tattooer for twelve years and counting, Charity has worked in shops from California to Texas to Florida.  She recently moved to Columbus from Laguna Beach where she received her classical education in drawing and painting. However, she’s originally from Illinois, so before you start worrying about her handling the Ohio cold… Don’t worry, she’s fine.  When she isn’t painting or tattooing, you can spot her talking to animals, skipping in the rain, photographing roadkill, becoming best friends with a stranger, organizing spaces for fun, hiking/camping, sitting on the floor in a bookshop surrounding by stacks of children’s books, or watching animal documentaries.

You can find Charity at 2413 N. High St.

Appointment only.