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Hi! my name is Hailey, I’m a Leo sun Leo moon with over a decade of experience tattooing.

As a young girl, I was heavily influenced by M.C Escher, Salvador Dali, and animated shows on MTV. My Nana taught me how to sculpt and use her kiln and keep a consistent sketch book where I tried to recreate images of Aeon Flux and the characteristic expressions from Bill Plymton’s animated films. I made weird art that most of my peers hated, and I loved it. Instead of going to college, I asked the art kids what books they were using at CCAD and purchased them myself, determined to advance as a student of art even if I couldn’t attend the schools.

When I started getting tattoos, I found myself with some very bad “firsts” because I didn’t know what to expect from a tattoo artist. I never wanted people to feel like I did when I started this journey,  so my goals are to provide an experience that is informative, gentle, and respectful. I provide a safe space for new comers or anyone who just wants a warm and friendly tattoo artist.

I love doing many different styles! From richly saturated color pieces to heavy hellish black-work. I can do fine line work that looks like it was kissed into your skin or I can do Mucha inspired neo-traditional. Which ever you are feeling, you are guaranteed to get a touch of my individual style and a positive memory to go with it.

You can find Hailey at 1980 N. High St.