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                                                                    Matt Pack

Matt started out as an air brush artist. 1991 till 1998 had a variety of air brush jobs/travels. Airbrush travels include Chicago, Pittsburgh, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, and here (OHIO) at the old Wyandot Lake. 
Settled into tattooing around 1998. He has worked in Ohio ever since. Now working here in Columbus in 2008. Matt’s style ranges from portraits, full color, custom art, and of course traditional. Connecting a client with their visual ideas is easy for this guy with his vast background in air brushing. Helping with placement and reworking on existing tattoos is also a knack Matt has. Please feel free to stop in and talk with Matt. He enjoys meeting folks with a passion for art in any medium.

           SCHEDULE @ 1880 Location:
             Friday 7pm till 11pm
             Saturday 3pm till 11pm
             Sunday 12pm till 9pm