You can find Anna at 2520 SUMMIT ST.


I began my tattoo apprenticeship in February 1996 and did my first tattoo in February 1997. I started working at Evolved at the beginning of 2006. Tattooing saved my life – I’m not sure where I’d be without it. It inspires me to be more of who I am. It makes me feel good knowing I can help others be who they are. I like doing big bold color work, especially custom pieces, but black and grey are really fun as well!

I’m looking to expand my art in different directions, and get into different mediums. I like expressing art in whatever form it takes… tattoos, piercings, suspensions, painting, 3-D art, etc… even decorating everyday objects. I enjoy the opportunity that doing guest spots offers, including meeting other artists, bouncing ideas off each other, and traveling.