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1980 N. HIGH ST.

  • Friday: Noon-9pm
  • Saturday: Noon-9pm

Instagram: thesnakepretzel

Jacob Brentzel was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is now a resident of Grandview Heights in Columbus, Ohio. He is currently in his 7th year of tattooing. Jacob began a lengthy apprenticeship and worked at a few tattoo studios all over the Western Pennsylvania region. He eventually found his way to Columbus and Evolved Body Art and has been working there ever since.
Jacob enjoys doing traditional, neo-traditional, script, art brut, blackwork, and watercolor style. He is inspired by such artists as Mike Giant, Shepard Fairey, Usugrow, Nate Van Dyke, Shawn Barber, and Derek Hess and tattoo artists such as Kore Flatmo, Tim Hendricks, Dan Smith, Dusty Neal, Cody Eich and Columbus based tattooers such as, Scott Santee, David Tevenal, Kevin Stress, Big Meas, and Mike Moses.
Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, step daughter Chloe, and his 3 dogs, Rooney, Wednesday, and Porkchop. In his downtime, Jacob enjoys cycling, video games, photography, Pittsburgh sports, being outdoors, is an avid cinephile and enjoys all aspects of art. His primary medium is marker and crude watercolor on any canvas.