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I‘m a Columbus native. Started drawing just like any kid with crayons, though I progressed through time and experience to include many mediums. Researching education and career in art was very discouraging. My fascination of tattoos led me to an epiphany. That I may never be an “artist,” but I could give someone a piece of art that they could love for the rest of their life. Thus, began my journey into tattooing. After 7 yrs of grueling pursuit, I finally got my chance (in 2007). It’s been a crazy roller coaster since. With some great highs and rough lows, I continue to grow and learn. I enjoy a vast array of art and styles, which clearly shows through my tattoos. An early push to drive New School, I found people wanting their vision, not my own; further developing my skill set and ability to include all styles. The need for me to transfer my ability in other mediums to skin, I’ve found a niche that I excel in, a popular high demand style; Realism. My experience and creative ability allows me to design the perfect tattoo for the wearer in an appropriate style. Though my skill set allows me to perform any style, my favorites are Black and Grey, Watercolor, Fineline, New School, and Color Realism.

You can find Jeremy at 1980 N. High St.