JOE WILLIAMS 2019-01-29T11:30:14-05:00

I completed my apprenticeship in 2002, and got my chops up tattooing Squids near the submarine base in Groton, CT. I followed my teacher to Columbus in 2004, where I worked my way up to becoming a member of the Evolved family. I spent a few years working at the old campus location before being struck by wanderlust.

I spent many years traveling out and back to my humble space in the cold city of Minneapolis, and have tattooed many people in many places. I have learned & experienced much in my travels, and have even tried to walk other paths in life. However, tattooing has always been the constant. I now find myself with the Evolved family once more, and I am using my accumulated knowledge and wisdom to further grow with friends old and new.

“Judge not; speak little at all; love and act.” – Eliphas Levi