You can find Matt at 2413 N. HIGH ST.


I began tattooing professionally in 2015. My ‘style’ is primarily in the American traditional range, but varies with some black and grey and fine line work. I attended art school at Columbus College of Art & Design and studied illustration. I am a proud father of two; one girl and one boy. I enjoy movies and tv shows (quiz me on any… I dare ya hah) as well as reading books and studying all sorts of esoteric topics. Wanna discuss Ancient Aliens or the theory of anything? Than I am your guy! One of the most fascinating things about tattooing to me is that you, the client, will wear my work to the grave! I take such an honor very seriously and look forward to working with you! I love working with first-time tattoo-getters because I fully believe that the first experience shapes the individual’s thoughts on tattooing, and I love to provide an awesome, safe, sanitary, and fun first experience! I look forward to working with you and I hope that you find the perfect artist and you get the perfect tattoo!! Thank you again.