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2520 Summit St.

  • Wednesday: 4pm-11pm
  • Thursday: 3pm-11pm
  • Friday: Noon-9pm
  • Saturday: Noon-9pm
Instagram: mattattooo

Hey everyone! My name is Matt and I have been tattooing since 2015 and enjoy making tattoos that are bright and bold and will stand the test of time! I am currently a student at Columbus College of Art & Design majoring in Illustration. I have two children, Carson & Evelyn, and enjoy spending time with them and my fiancé, Tasha. What appeals to me most about tattooing is the intimate relationships that we, as artists, build with the clients. The fact that you, (the hopefully potential client), will take this artwork with you to the afterlife means more to me than I could ever put into words. I have yet to experience a day as a tattooer where I didn’t learn something about myself. In short, the clients that I have had in the past, that I have now and that I will have in the future have shaped and will continue to shape the individual that I am. I look forward to growing as both an artist and a human being with you. I appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to read about me and for checking out my work! I look forward to meeting you and creating something memorable with you!