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What a pleasure to join the Evolved family! I’ve been discussing with them for years joining the team, perfecting my skills . I sincerely appreciate the opportunity, just beyond excited!
I started tattooing in 2011 in Akron, Ohio. Learning and growing my expertise. In 2013 I took a new career path, bringing me to Columbus. In Columbus, I harnessed my skills and grew into a muralist and fine artist. As life always led me back to my passion: tattooing. In the past years, I refocused on reforging my skills as a tattoo artist. I am always seeking to push my artistic skills beyond. I’ve collected my knowledge of portraiture, realism, surrealism, art history, and pop culture over the years to fashion my own style.
I specialize in Stippling/Dotwork Tattoos. This style is characterized by its use of small dots to form patterns, images, shapes, and shading. I create a salt and pepper or grainy appearance to realism, portrait, and surrealism tattoos. This style brings a new look and a sort of play with textures to tattoos such as giving a manga panel a printed look or a graphite appearance to a Renaissance sketch.
I am excited to see what designs I construct with the Evolved community behind me, teaching and molding me in my years. So stop in, say hi. Let’s discuss what you’re passionate about, for that’s where I become inspired, and we will create your tattoo together.

You can find Nicholas at 2520 Summit St.