Sterilization & Procedures

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Jewelry Cleaning

New Jewelry Cleaning Procedure

1. Wash/dry hands
2. Remove all balls from barbells and captive bead rings
3. Put jewelry into the ultrasonic baskets
4. Flip the heater switch to on
5. Turn Ultrasonic on for 10 min.
6. When the cycle is complete let the baskets drain back into the ultrasonic
7. Take the cups to the clean sink and rinse the jewelry off
8. Place jewelry on a paper towel on the steel table in office to let dry
9. When they are dry put the jewelry into the appropriate jewelry drawer by the StatIM
10. If the jewelry is to be sealed in a sterilization bag use the roll of sterilization tubing before the self-seal bags, label w/ exact size, description, and initials.
11. Autoclave, dry, restock.

Ultrasonic procedure

1. Fill ultrasonic to the notch on the inside of the basin with distilled water alconox solution.
2. Place baskets into the lid
3. Flip the heater switch to on
4. Turn the timer dial to 10 min