Sharps Container Changing Procedure

///Sharps Container Changing Procedure
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Sterilization & Procedures

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Changing the Sharps Containers

1. Disinfect the sharps container using a hard surface disinfectant. Wait the full contact time before continuing with procedure.
2. Grab one trash bag, and tear three pieces of duct tape about a foot in length. (Duct tape is located with the sharps key in sterilization room)
3. Put the trash bag on the floor close to the sharps container.
4. Stick the three pieces of tape on the edge of the mayo tray
5. Put two gloves on
6. Close sharps container lid and hold container with one hand. Insert key with other hand.
7. Lift container off of the wall-mount bracket.
8. Place key on mayo tray
9. Put tape on the opening device to make sure it remains closed. Bring the tape to the bottom of the sharps container. (Careful to not touch anything other than the tape when picking it up)
10. Place sharps container in the garbage bag (carefully to not touch the outside of the bag)
11. Remove gloves, sanitize hands.
12. Grab outside of trash bag and tie.
13. Take new sharps container and put it onto the wall mount bracket.
14. Disinfect the mayo tray and key. (Wait full contact time)
15. Put key and tape back into container in sterilization room.
16. Take old sharps container to designated area for deposit