Sterilization & Procedures

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Changing the Sharps Containers

  1. Grab the container that houses the sharps container key and the roll of duct tape. Take to location of sharps container.
  2. Rip one foot-long piece of duct tape.
  3. Open key container.
  4. Don 1 glove.
  5. Grab key in ungloved hand.
  6. With gloved hand, close sharps lid and lock container. Grab the side of sharps container with gloved hand, inserting the key in bottom with ungloved hand.
  7. Lift container from wall mount and hold with gloved hand.
  8. Place key back in container.
  9. Continue holding the container with your gloved hand. With ungloved hand, starting from the back of the sharps container, run tape over the top and down the center securing the lid in place. Be careful to never touch ungloved hand to sharps container.
  10. With gloved hand, carry the container to designated area for disposal. Place in the container UPRIGHT, not on its side.
  11. Remove glove and throw it in a lidded trash can (NOT in sharps receptacle!!). Then sanitize hands.
  12. Put new sharps container onto wall mount.
  13. Return key container and tape to sterilization room.