Sterilization & Procedures

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Pre Set­up  

  1. ­Make stencil and place it, stencil side up, in holding area
  2. ­Arrange benches, chairs, armrest, etc. as necessary
  3. ­Turn on lights and power unit
  4. Wash hands
  5. Wet work area with H2O
  6. Touching only the ends of the cellophane, cover each work surface with cellophane including any armrests, chairs or benches being used in close proximity to tattooing area or work area. Make sure the parts of cellophane touched by hands are hanging over the edges of your work areas
  7. Place 1 or 2 rubber bands around each machine (dependant upon necessary resistance)
  8. Place rubber grommet on armature bar (don’t push it on all the way)
  9. Place machine(s) in holding area
  10. Don one glove

*­For the following: Open/lift all drawers, lids, boxes, bottles etc. with ungloved hand. Remove contents with gloved hand and place onto clean surface – Never touch contents with ungloved hand

    1. Place clean field on mayo tray, plastic barrier side facing down
    2. Place desired amount of pre ripped paper towels
    3. If necessary, remove another clean field to protect clients clothing
    4. Pull enough bags to cover 2 bottles and the number of machines being used
    5. Pull one clip cord cover
    6. Bag the alcohol and green soap/Dr. Bronner’s bottles starting from the bottom of the bottle
    7. Bag machine(s)
    8. Feed clip cord through clip cord sleeve starting with the 1/4in plug end and feeding through to the other end (let 1/4in plug rest on your chair or an otherwise unused work surface as you feed the rest of the cord through if necessary)
    9. Cover the contact points with the clip cord cover and let each poke through the cover
    10. With 1/4in plug end in ungloved hand, plug clip cord into power supply, without touching the top of any barrier
    11. With covered end in gloved hand, lay only the covered portion of the cord over the mayo tray
    12. Place tube packs and needle packs on clean field
    13. Place razor on clean field
    14. Place ink caps and rinse cup(s) on clean field
    15. Using one handed technique, open A&D ointment and squeeze contents onto clean field
  1. Secure ink caps and rinse cup(s) to clean field with A&D ointment
  2. Pour necessary amount of stencil stuff onto work area
  3. Remove glove

Set Up, Prep Skin and Tattoo (Explain set-up to the client while setting up)

  1. Bring client to station (if they aren’t there already there)
  2. Wash hands
  3. Don two cloves
  4. Clean area of the body to be tattooed with paper towel and soap (everywhere that may be touched)
  5. Use soap and disposable razor to shave the area
  6. Place the razor back into the plastic shield and place on mayo tray with one hand (this will be wrapped up with the tube and other items on mayo tray during breakdown process)
  7. Wipe away any excess soap and/or hair
  8. Use alcohol to wipe the area before applying the stencil
  9. Apply thin layer of stencil adhesive
  10. Line up and place stencil, ensuring it is straight and even, taking the contours of the body into consideration
  11. Place stencil, stencil side up, onto mayo tray
  12. If placement is off and removal is necessary, use alcohol and a paper towel to remove stencil, let dry, apply stencil stuff, then re-apply stencil
  13. Let dry 5 – 10 minutes
  14. Remove gloves
  15. Wash or sanitize hands
  16. Pour ink(s) into caps (cover the top of each bottle with paper towel to shake before pouring)
  17. Fill rinse cup(s) with distilled water
  18. Don two gloves
  19. Open tube pack(s) and needle pack(s)
  20. Place needle in tube
  21. Keeping tube and needle together, place needle bar loop, then tube, through machine bag and through front vice on machine
  22. Without ever placing hands inside the machine bag
    1. Place needle loop over rubber grommet and slide down onto armature bar
    2. Move rubber bands so they lay over the needle bar to hold it in place
    3. Adjust needle and tube as necessary
    4. Tighten front vice to hold tube in place
  23. Attach clip cord
  24. Tattoo

*If breaks are necessary, remove gloves and bandage the tattoo appropriately for each break. Use tape and bandages for longer breaks and cellophane for shorter breaks