Sterilization & Procedures

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The Statim

At Evolved, we also incorporate another piece of fabulous technology. It is called a Statim. We use this in addition to our normal autoclave, specifically for the piercing side of our shop. What this does, is instead of running a normal cycle of 45 minutes, it runs an unwrapped instrument cycle in three and a half minutes. This benefits us in several ways:

  • It lets us properly and accurately size your jewelry
  • Immediately sterilize any specific bead you would like
  • Allows us to sterilize all gauze, toothpicks, jewelry, tools, needles, etc. in one load, thus cutting down on the extra work and materials of individually bagging everything
  • Saves time on sterilizing jewelry for change-outs and stretching
  • Allows us to run an initialed indicator strip with each load

So let’s say you are getting your eyebrow pierced. You have filled out all necessary paper- work, and picked out your jewelry. The next thing we will have you do is initial and date an in- dicator strip. An indicator strip is a piece of paper with a steam and heat sensitive strip on it that changes color when exposed to said elements. We have you look at it and verify its color (yellow) and initial it. We then take that to the Statim, and begin to fill all necessary tools and items needed for the piercing into the cassette. This would include: jewelry, needle, gauze, toothpick, any tools needed, and the indicator strip. We then insert the cassette into the Sta- tim, log its cycle number and wait for it to finish. An added feature is that the Statim will not complete its cycle until sterilization has been reached. Upon completion we take you back to the room and open up the cassette. We show you your initialed indicator strip and have you verify that it did indeed turn colors (from yellow to black). We then do the piercing. After the piercing is done (beautifully of course), we staple the strip to your release form. These precautions and extra steps may seem exaggerated to some, but our reputation has always been built upon our attention to detail with our clients’ safety and hygiene in mind. Just like our other autoclave, the Statim is spore tested weekly by the Ohio State University College of Dentistry and results are available upon request.