Kyle Petersen

Kyle has been piercing professionally since October of 2000. He was apprenticed by Giovani at Body Language Productions in Columbus, OH. He stayed there until January of 2003. After that he moved to Skin FX and now on to Evolved.

He regularly attends classes that are related to body piercing in order to further his education and to provide his clients the safest piercing possible. He is also fully certified in first aid, CPR, bloodbourne pathogens and principles of infection control.

While not working, he spends time with his absolutely adorable pug, Stitches, plays drums, and loses at every game he plays. Ever.

dermal punches, brandings, cuttings, surgical staples, frenulum removal, tongue splitting, scarification, suspensions, flesh hooks/pulls, play piercing and/or teeth filing among others, are not services we offer to our customers and we suggest if seeking these or other more extreme body modifications that you talk to a doctor regarding the risks of these procedures.