Apprentice Body Piercer Curriculum



The information in each stage is not necessarily in chronological order. It will be presented little by little in context to the daily routines.


*each stage must be thoroughly completed before progressing to the next level.
**previous stages must be continued efficiently throughout progression!
***the duration of stages will vary according to each apprentice’s individual proficiency and motivation
This curriculum is not designed for independent study. It is imperative that the following curriculum is studied under the guidance of a trained, experienced professional piercer.



-CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen and Principles of Infection Control Certificates
-Hep B shots and/or a serological test (titer test)
-Personal Statement (Why do you want to pierce? Why did you choose Evolved? Etc)
-Read Modern Primitives and write a response to each article
-Online piercing websites: write about 10 favorite piercing websites

Stage 1
-how to wash hands
- know how and when to use hand sanitizer
- keep fingernails clean
- keep hair pulled back
-what is biohazard
- designate biohazard areas
- what is cross contamination
- what are universal precautions and standard precautions
-learn how to put on and take off gloves
-learn one-handed technique
- how to open a clean field
-read exposure control plan and needle stick procedure
-what is non-intact skin and how to cover it
-integrator vs indicator

-cleaning bathrooms
-counter tops
-changing garbage bags
-restocking – cups, water, paper towels, toilet paper…
-learn how to use/clean autoclave/Omni Flush
-learn how to use/maintain the Statim
-learn how to maintain the Hepa Filter and Distiller
-learn to watch for cross contamination in lobby and how to handle it
-learn what a disinfectant is and how/when to use it

Customer Service:
-greeting customers – to relax and address fears
-answering telephones – FAQs
-learn POS – receipts, ring in, void out
-credit card machine
-learn to explain aftercare
-begin learning to address problems in aftercare
-learn to receive/handle a customer’s used jewelry
-learn to give shop tours

-learn about all the jewelry that we sell
-learn to inspect, clean, measure, package, label, sterilize (without balls on), and stock new jewelry
-learn to use calipers and gauge wheels
-learn to use/maintain the clean ultrasonic
-learn to use/maintain anodizer

Change Outs/Stretching:
-observe varied jewelry change outs/stretching
-ask questions after client leaves

Written Documentation/Readings:
-start a personal file for the shop
-read and initial all state required literature, safety precautions, laws, APP manual, policies and procedures
-read labels and record observations of MSDS’s for everything in the shop
-start journal to record notes, observations, and questions
-record homework assignments
-learn to keep autoclave log
-read, know and be able to explain all customer release forms

Stage 2
-get familiarized with the sterilization room work area
- how to change sharps containers
- know about biohazard pickup
- learn to use/maintain the dirty/bio ultrasonic
- learn to clean instruments (while observed) – ultrasonic, scrubbing, packaging, sterilizing
- know the use of all instruments (to avoid sharp edges, etc…)
- aprons, sleeves, masks, goggles
– know how to detail piercing room
– know how to complete piercer’s daily checklist

Customer Service:
-learn breathing techniques
-bedside manners
-position of body to client
-know how to address most aftercare concerns
-know how to guide clients in stretching process

-learn to select jewelry for initial piercings
-learn advantages/disadvantages of different jewelry used in stretching process

Change Outs/Stretching:
-check size of taper and jewelry
-always test balls and inspect jewelry before insertion
-perform observed change outs/stretching on friends
-continue watching change outs and stretches

Written Documentation/Readings :
-in journal, write out step by step procedures how to change/stretch
-begin side readings and response to research on history of body piercing and other interests (Perforaciones Corporales, the Points, more websites)
-keep written record of questions regarding change outs/stretching
-keep record in journal of all change outs/stretchings performed

Stage 3
-learn to bend, adjust, modify jewelry

Change Outs/Stretching :
-take pictures of stretchings (learn to use camera)

Change Out/Stretching/Piercing:
-perform observed change outs and stretches on clients
-watch/observe basic piercings
-clean and mark earlobe piercings for piercer(s)

Written Documentation/Readings:
-write out procedure to pierce ears
-continue record of change outs/stretching
-keep list of questions and answers about piercings
-make list of all piercings and rate how you perceive their level of difficulty
-research and document anatomy of upcoming piercing (earlobe)

Stage 4

-be able to inventory stock
-learn to put together orders – what quantity of each piece is needed
-learn which jewelry sells more
-make suggestions for new jewelry
-know jewelry catalogs – what we get from where…

Change Out/Stretching/Piercing:
-unobserved change out/stretch
-perform observed piercing on friends’ ears
-watch/observe more basic piercings
-clean and mark upcoming piercings for piercer(s)

Written Documentation/Readings:
-no more records of change outs/stretches!!
-record own piercrings and results/observations
-start to visit other shops (to see what’s out there!)
-start picture portfolio
-research anatomy of upcoming piercings

Stage 5

-make orders

Change Out/Stretching/Piercing:
-perform observed piercings of friends’ simple piercings
-perform observed piercings of clients ears
-watch/observe more basic piercings
-clean and mark upcoming piercings for piercer(s)

Written Documentation/Readings:
-continue record of piercings done and comments on outcome/problems
-start promoting studio via web/flyers/radio/magazines…
-write out procedure for upcoming piercings
-research anatomy of upcoming piercings

Stage 6
Change Outs/Stretching/Piercings:

-perform unobserved piercing of clients’ ears
-perform observed piercing of clients’ simple piercings
-watch more complex piercings
-clean and mark upcoming piercings for piercer(s)

Written Documentation/Readings:
-re-make list of all piercings with new rankings
-make contact with other professional body piercers
-trade information on piercing techniques, aftercare, ideas…
-research anatomy of upcoming piercings
-write out procedures for upcoming piercings’

Stage 7
Safety /Hygiene:

-make sure that any new colleagues and guest artists are following policies and procedures

Change Out/Stretching/Piercing:

-perform unobserved piercing of clients’ simple piercings
-perform observed piercing of friends’ complex piercings
-watch more complex piercings

Written Documentation/Readings:
-redo all piercings list and re-rank
-guest visit other shop(s) to observe and record points of interest

Stage 8
Change Out/Stretching/Piercings:

-perform observed piercing of clients’ complex piercings

Written Documentation/Readings:
-get interviewed about your experience (local paper, school report, etc. . .)

Stage 9
Customer Service :
-stay focused, friendly, and humble

Written Documentation/Readings :
-continue record of all piercings
-comments optional
-have professional portfolio complete
-read Somatic Piercing
-write at least a one page response to Somatic Piercing