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Javi was born in New York but grew up in Uruguay. At the ripe age of eight, he made his first contact with the world of body modification. He began his career as a body piercer in Uruguay’s first ever professional body piercing studio, Luces y Sombras, where he worked for ten years. There, Javi and his friend/mentor, Emi Lacoste, brought piercing to the highest standards within the industry.
Javi is the first Uruguayan member of the APP, LBP, and APPBr and actively attends their conferences and seminars to continue broadening his knowledge. He especially enjoys symmetrical piercings and ear curations.
Javi studied art for five years and loves to paint. He also enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and exploring other tattoo and piercing studios.

You can find Javi at 2520 Summit St.