In 1984 as Purple Rain was washing over the world and everyone was deep dreaming on Elm St, I started my path of life headed directly towards this moment. Having experienced a deep connection with art since I can remember, I knew I could not live without it. I pursued many different avenues of artistic expression including painting, drawing, music, and performing. Not only do I have a deep connection with art, but also with body transformations. I believe the transformations we make and the rituals we perform help us grow stronger and helps us better understand ourselves.

After crashing into my teenage years, I soon found a place called Evolved Body Art. I grew to feel like this place could be my home. A place to plant my roots and grow. Now that some moons have passed, backed by an extremely supportive partner, 2 dogs + 1 amazing kid, and after developing a close bond with my Evolved family; I hope to become another great piercer of the Evolved Body Art legacy!


You can find Jax at 1980 N. High St.