Jared’s Certificates
Genital and Nipple Piercings (18+)

Jared (AKA: MUTE-ONE) is a body modification artist from Las Vegas who currently resides in Columbus, OH where he works as a piercer at Evolved. He has been involved in the modification community on and off for most of his life and can be found traveling the country throughout the year to host events, educate, and perform with his suspension group, Visceral Suspensions. In September of 2007, along with help from members of TSD, Ascension, Rites of Passage, IHUNG and Nu Ethix, he completed a 22 hook, 10 transition, 7 position suspension which landed him a world record. In addition to other skills, Jared has also worked as a machinist for Integrity Body Jewelry, and has been known for designing custom jewelry for multi-surface piercing projects.

You can find Jared at 2520 Summit St.