Jose Carlos Calvo had his first contact with professional piercing in 1995 in London, performing his first piercing in the eyebrow. This experience created a before and after about his vision of the profession, getting involved with piercers and looking for more information.

In 1997 he participated in the first seminars conducted by Karen Hurt, Master Piercer de Gauntlet, in Spain. That seminar would be the one that would lay the foundations of his piercing technique. With the turn of the millennium, he participated in the only two conferences that APP held in Europe. He attended seminars in Fakir Musafar (Fakir Intensives Body Piercing) in San Francisco, which gave him a spiritual and personal transformation perspective in the body Piercing.

During his life as a piercer, he has worked and shared with other artists such as Sandrine Skellie in Barcelona. He has worked in Tenerife, Oviedo and Madrid. And he has made guest in Norway, Germany, Sweden and Italy.