Steve Walsh

When I was 16 I got my first piercing. Although it wasn’t particularly well done I loved it. Everything about it from the nervousness and anticipation to the way it looked. After a while the piercing rejected and I was inspired to seek out more professional higher quality shops in my area and get many many more piercings. After receiving many piercings by the time I was 17 I knew that I wanted to be a piercer for the rest of my life. When I turned 18 I went to my favorite local shop and asked them to apprentice me to be a body piercer.

Post apprenticeship I felt like I still had much to learn so I reached out to many piercers in my home state of Michigan to learn from them. I visited shops, picked brains, worked at a few shops, took some seminars, and even worked a few guest spots. My latest guest spot was at Evolved in Columbus, OH. After working here for an extended guest spot, I was offered the chance to stay here permanently.

My favorite aspect of body piercing is working with clients whom are nervous or first time piercees. I really enjoy being able to calm and relax someone to the point where getting a piercing is enjoyable in and of itself. Everyone loves the way piercings look after they get them, I want to make the experience of receiving the piercing the fun part for customers. This is my goal everyday I go to work.