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2520 Summit St

  • Thursday: 6pm – 11pm

1980 N High St.

  • Monday: Noon- 6pm
  • Tuesday: 8pm – 11pm
  • Wednesday: Noon – 6pm
  • Friday: Noon – 6pm

Holly Foutch grew up in Granville, Ohio. She began her apprenticeship at Underground Tattoo
Station in 2013, and began piercing in 2014. Holly strongly believes in continuous education and
annually attends the Association of Professional Piercers Conference to stay updated on current
techniques and industry standards. As of 2018 she if an active member of the APP.
In her downtime, Holly enjoys playing with and snuggling her daughter Ivy. She also has a
collection of insects and arachnids that she uses to educate children about the benefits of such
wonderful creatures. Don’t hesitate to ask about her spiders!