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My journey began in 2001, when the tattoo community opened its arms to me. I immediately fell in love with every aspect of the art and the journey it has taken me on. It has allowed me to travel to places I’ve never dreamed of and meet people that have become family. Tattooing is truly a journey of self-discovery and it would be a waste not to embrace that. I was once asked what my favorite type of tattoo to do was. I felt that was a loaded question because I love all types of tattooing and forms of art that play a role in my designs. If I could describe my design theory as a contender would on Love Connection would describe their perfect date (that’s right, I’m old), it would be as follows… My design’s foundation would be closely tied to conceptual Japanese art because it has both a dark side and a beautiful moral to the story it tells. I like to utilize strong contrasts by manipulating light sources and I tailor each design specific to the client’s body and needs. I find that brainstorming with each client as an individual is my favorite part of the process; it allows both of us to be a part of a unique piece of art by bouncing ideas back and forth. I also watch as both the client and I will grow much more excitable with each passing thought. So if a truly unique piece of art is what you crave, throw your ideas at me and we’ll dine!

You can find AJ at 2520 Summit St.