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I’m Bob!!! I enjoy meeting new people and stabbing them with needles, for art, of course.
I’m originally from the west coast, but recently a transplant from the Atlanta area.
So far, I think I’ve been tattooing for somewhere around 15 years of my life,
and falling into this profession has been a wild ride.
Tattooing has led me to some crazy places and also put me in the path of amazing people and experiences.
As far as art styles go, I happen to be all across the board.
From regular black and grey to color, large or small. Detailed or broad.
I enjoy doing realism, semi-realism, neo-traditional, new traditional.
From super technical, to not so technical.
Watercolor, cover-ups, portraits, Japanese, stipple, trash polka…
And even the occasional tribal.
My favorite way to tattoo is to just draw directly on you to create something unique,
and in the moment.
Let’s be honest here…
I just enjoy drawing on people.
So let me draw on you, it might be fun!

You can find Bob at 1980 N. High St.