I have been an artist for as long as I could pick up a pencil. I have a passion for all medias of art and respect all different styles. I started tattooing before I was out of high school, taught by a good buddy of mine. After my dad passed away I funneled all my emotions into my art, especially tattooing. I understand that people tend to express themselves, or a time in their lives, through tattoos. I make it my mission to capture their story or idea and bring it to life for them. I am honored to do each piece and put my heart into all the work I do. I love getting to know my clients and understand where they are coming from in their lives. Each day I push myself to do better work as I know there is always room for improvement. God has blessed me with a gift and I enjoy sharing it. In total I have been tattooing for over 18years, my work has won 6 awards, and gained me a sponsorship by a reputable aftercare company. I am looking forward to doing some beautiful work for people in Columbus!!