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Kati Semones
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Kati did her apprenticeship at Evolved and worked there for several years.  She has since moved away from Columbus but is still available for guest spots on occasion.

If you would like to have work done by her, just send her a message through email, or any of the above networking sites.

 After majoring in illustration & minoring in art history, Kati received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2005.She had started  training at Evolved her Senior year of college in October of ’05 & after graduating college in August of ’06, she began tattooing for evolved. She specializes in  creating custom illustrations for every tattoo. Specifically designing, for each client, a 1 of a kind tattoo.

She also shares a studio space with Tulula Outlaw. Here, she works on a variety of custom products, paintings & illustrations, apparel & housewares. Feel free to explore the site to find out more about the products that are inspired by all that ROX!! Every item  is one of a kind & offers a 10% discount to clients who would like their custom tattoos placed on one of her products!

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