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As far as I can remember I’ve always been interested in tattoos and the possibility of tattooing. It wasn’t until I turned 15 that a friend of mine pulled me into a local shop so I could witness his first tattoo being done. I left with my own tattoo, (not the best idea seeing as how I was only 15!)

Long story short, I knew right then and there that I would travel a long and interesting road.
I managed to continue getting tattooed with my goal in mind – to become a professional tattoo artist.

When that moment finally came, I landed a tattoo apprenticeship at a small shop in Findlay, Ohio. I stayed for a few long years (learning most things by myself.) I moved around a few times, hoping to find some much-needed inspiration. I eventually ended up in Columbus, here at Evolved.

I’ve been tattooing for many years now and hope to take this to my grave. I love all aspects of my profession.