My name is Ravyn and I’ve been working in the tattoo and piercing industry since 2016. I have been in love with the industry for as long as I can remember, so when Evolved asked me if I wanted to learn to tattoo with them, I leapt at the opportunity. The last two years have been a dream come true—what’s better than apprenticing with some of the best tattooers (and people) that I know?

Because I’m so new to the game, I’m still developing my style. That means I’m kind of down for everything. Come to me with your wildest ideas and we’ll make it happen. Extra points if it involves black and gray stippling, glitter, or mushrooms.

I may be a tattoo artist by day, but I’m a Drag bingo champion by night! You might catch me cruising around town on my motorcycle, or, if you’re lucky, entertaining my flock of charming chickens.