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My interest with tattoos started at the age of 13 when my brother and I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to hand-poke tattoos on each other. It was from this point that I knew that tattoos were going to become a dominant part of my life, not just a punk rock novelty.

I spent most of my teen years collecting tattoos however I could. (This was quite difficult, considering that tattooing was illegal in Indiana until 1997.) Unfortunately, because of this, I have received my fair share of poorly-executed tattoos. I have turned this into a positive life lesson by working hard to become skilled in tattooing so others do not have to wear such marks.
In 1998 I began tattooing in Lafayette, Indiana. Most of my tattoo career has been spent at a quaint, but busy street shop by the name of the Tattooed Heart. I have experimented in numerous styles and love tattooing in general, but find myself mostly drawn to the Traditional and Asian styles of tattooing. These influences clearly shine through in my painting as well.
Through tattooing, I have been able to provide for my family, earn a B.A. in Sociology at Purdue University, sponsor and teach various art classes to at-risk and high-risk youth within the Lafayette community, meet great people, and grow as an artist.
I hope to continue to grow in my profession, successfully serve clients and at the same time become a contributing member of the community and Evolved crew.