Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do piercings on minors? What do I need to bring?

A: Yes, you can get more info on what documents to bring and other guidelines here.

Q: I want a piercing, but my job/school/etc wouldn’t like it, can you pierce with clear jewelry or retainers?

A: We offer many different retainers and also have the option to pierce with clear glass jewelry!

Q:Why can’t I get pierced with a hoop instead of a barbell?

A: In our experience we’ve found that barbells are much easier to heal with than a hoop. Hoops can get irritated more easily than a barbell and have a higher risk of causing problems during the initial healing period. Once your piercing has completely healed we will be happy to change out your jewelry for you!

Q: I took out my piercing, I keep trying but now I can’t get it back in, what should I do?

A: Come in to the shop and one of our piercers will sterilize and insert your jewelry for free! We have the know-how & tools available to us to make this an easier process than on your own and are glad to help.

Q: How many piercings is it possible to get at one time?

A: We usually say that 2 is quite safe. If you have been pierced before and are very comfortable with the piercing process as well as the healing process, we will sometimes even do 4.

Q: How long should I wait in between stretching a piercing?

A: The minimum time you should wait in between stretches is one month but two months is preferred! If there has been any excessive irritation, it will take longer in between stretches as well. The main thing is patience and paying attention to your body..

Q:How long do I need to wait to go swimming after a piercing/tattoo?

A: We recommend waiting at least a month after a new piercing or tattoo before you get back in the pool or hit the beach. Chemicals, bacteria, and sand could all be a threat to your new piercing/tattoo. If you can’t avoid the water, we suggest using a water proof patch to cover your new piercing/tattoo.

Q: I want to get a tattoo, how much do they cost?

A: There is no set price for any type of tattoo. Many factors, including, size, placement, and detail go into the pricing of a tattoo. If you come in and speak to one of our tattoo artists they will be happy to discuss your tattoo ideas and be able to give you a pricing quote!

Q: How long after getting a tattoo do I need to wait to start tanning again?

A: We recommend waiting at least one to two months, depending on how well your tattoo is healing! One option is to cover your tattoo completely with a white bandage while you are tanning so it’s protected from those harmful rays. Tanning can fade your tattoo very quickly so we suggest using a high SPF sunblock when out in the sun to keep your tattoos looking bright and fresh!

Q: I just got a tattoo a few days ago and now my tattoo looks scabby and is flaking – is this normal?

A: Yes, scabbing is a natural part of the healing process and it’s best to let the scabs fall off on their own, so don’t pick or scratch and you’ll be just fine!

Q: Do you do/offer branding/scarification?

A: These are not services we offer to our customers and we suggest if seeking these or other more extreme body modifications that you talk to a doctor regarding the risks of these procedures. If you stop by our piercing studio, we have artists available to help answer questions regarding these types of modification!

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here feel free to call either studio or email us! – happy to help!