Change Out and Stretching Procedure

///Change Out and Stretching Procedure
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Sterilization & Procedures

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Procedure for Change Outs and Stretching 
  1. If using client jewelry, thoroughly clean it with an alcohol pad to remove any organic matter. Run through an unwrapped cycle in the Statim.
  2. When the Statim is finished, transport the cassette to the piercing room.
  3. Open the cassette.
  4. Visually inspect piercing. Ask questions.
  5. Adjust the table/chair as needed.
  6. Wash hands.
  7. Put on one glove and set the next glove.
  8. Using ungloved hands, open the drawers.
  9. Using gloved hand, pull out a bib and shake it open and set it on the mayo tray.
  10. Using gloved hand, pull out necessary tools/gauze and place on clean field.
  11. Using ungloved hand, squeeze small amount of PurKlenz onto the clean field.
  12. Using ungloved hand, grab a baggy, open it and hand it to client.
  13. Put on second glove.
  14. Open tools.
  15. Clean/lubricate current jewelry/piercing with PurKlenz.
  16. Remove current jewelry and carefully drop it into the baggy and have client seal it.
  17. Lubricate new jewelry with PurKlenz and insert into piercing.
  18. If stretching, lubricate taper and insert it into piercing. Lead client through breathing. Push taper through piercing almost all the way. Line up jewelry with taper and finish pushing taper all the way through.
  19. Securely fasten any ends.
  20. Visually inspect piercing again, cleaning up any residue and making any adjustments.
  21. Have client inspect piercing.
  22. Put any used tools into the bio bin.
  23. Clean up tray, wrapping the field in gloves and throw it all away.
  24. Wipe down mayo tray/table/chair/floor or anywhere as needed with Optim/alcohol as needed.
  25. Wash/sanitize hands.