Sterilization & Procedures

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Jewelry Changing Procedure with Clean Field

  1. Seat client.
  2. Wash/sanitize hands.
  3. Put on one glove.
  4. Opening drawers with ungloved hand, pull out a client field, open it, and put it down on the mayo tray.
  5. If any tools are needed, open drawers with ungloved hand, pick up bagged tool and put it on the clean field.
  6. Holding bottles/operating pumps with ungloved hand, squirt any necessary lubricants/skin preps onto clean field. (Use skin prep if StatIM was not used)
  7. Open StatIM cassette with ungloved hand and put jewelry on clean field (handling jewelry with gloved hand)/Drop jewelry from steel cup onto clean field (handling steel cup with ungloved hand).
  8. Put on second glove.
  9. Open any packaged tools, leave packages on clean field. (If StatIM was not used, the jewelry can be cleaned with the skin prep at this time)
  10. Explain/show client how new jewelry works.
  11. Remove client’s jewelry, use lubricant from clean field if necessary, drop jewelry on clean field.
  12. Assess/massage client’s piercing.
  13. Explain/show client how new jewelry works.
  14. Insert new jewelry into client’s piercing, use lubricant from clean field if necessary.
  15. Have client look at the jewelry, and make sure everything looks good. If they have any adjustments that need to be made, make them.
  16. Remove one glove and throw away (careful to not touch the inside part of the glove that your hand was touching while you were wearing it!).
  17. Grab jewelry bag and open with ungloved hand.
  18. Pick up client’s old jewelry with gloved hand, and drop in to jewelry bag carefully so as not to touch the outside of the bag.
  19. Give old jewelry back to client.
  20. Deposit tools in bio bin, throw away dental bib and gloves.
  21. Sanitize hands.
  22. Walk client out.
  23. Smile.