Stencil Prep & Application Procedure

///Stencil Prep & Application Procedure
Stencil Prep & Application Procedure 2013-12-06T00:34:41-04:00

Stencil Preparation Procedure

1.Photocopy drawing or tracing at 1 or 2 exposure settings darker than normal.
2.Cut out design from photocopy. Cut as close to the design as possible.
3.Strategically place photocopy face up on the yellow sheet of the thermofax paper. (Underneath the dark purple ink sheet)
4.Lining the paper up with the crease, place thermofax paper into carrier sheet.
5.Make sure that thermofax is set properly.
6.Run carrier sheet through thermofax.(crease side first)
7.Remove paper from carrier sheet.
8.Cut out stencil and save remaining thermofax paper for another design.
9.Carry stencil (still in tact for protection) to station and place on work surface.
10.Now you have your stencil!

Stencil Application Procedure

1.Wash hands.
2.Put on gloves.
3.Clean area of body that is receiving the stencil with Techni-Care thoroughly.
4.Shave area gently with disposable razor.
5.With one hand, place razor,blade side down,back into protective shield.
6.Re-clean area with Techni-Care. Remove any hair bits and re-dampen area.
7.Have client stand naturally, arms by side, relaxed, etc.
8.Carefully but quickly place stencil, violet side down on skin and press firmly.
9.Peel off paper slowly. Make sure stencil is clear and bold. Make sure client is happy with placement.
10.If removal is necessary, wipe off with alcohol.
11.Re-clean area with Techni-Care, leaving area moist.
12.Re-apply stencil.(stencil can be re-applied numerous times if necessary)