Sterilization & Procedures

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Tattoo Breakdown Procedure

  1. Once tattoo is complete, wipe area to remove all excess pigment and blood
  2. *if you want to take a photo, wait a few minutes, wipe again, and remove gloves
  3. Sanitize hands and make phone (camera) easily accessible with one hand
  4. Don one glove
  5. Use gloved hand to wipe/blot tattoo as necessary
  6. Use ungloved hand to take photo and put phone back into appropriate place
  7. Remove glove
  8. Sanitize hands
  9. Open drawer containing bandages and tape with ungloved hand
  10. Don two gloves
  11. Tear the # of strips of tape necessary for bandage and stick to clean area (on edge of shelf or on back of gloved hand)
  12. Remove bandage(s) from drawer
  13. Close drawer with back of hand
  14. Place bandage(s) over tattoo and apply tape
  15. Remove gloves
  16. Don two gloves and mentally designate one as clean and one as dirty.
  17. With clean glove, lift bottles, one at a time, remove barrier with dirty glove and place on storage shelf.
  18. Using dirty glove, unhook clip cord contact points by only touching the outside of the machine bag.
  19. Holding clip cord through cover with dirty hand, use clean hand to hold contact points between thumb and first finger, then with dirty hand, pull the plastic down away from them.
  20. Unplug clip cord from power supply with clean hand.
  21. With dirty hand, slide barrier over clip cord.
  22. With clean hand, place clip cord on uncovered bench or chair.
  23. With dirty hand, place clip cord barrier on mayo tray.

*Going forward, both gloves will be dirty

  1. Pick up machine through barrier with needle facing down and away form any part of the body, remove rubber bands and rubber grommet from machine.
  2. With needle facing down and away from any part of the body, loosen the vice through the barrier.
  3. Carefully pull tube and needle from vice together in one piece.
  4. Immediately remove needle from tube, leaving tube on mayo tray, place needle into sharps container.
  5. Holding onto the contact screw with one hand, use the other hand to pull the barrier back over the machine to expose it.
  6. Without touching the outside of the bag to anything, place the machine on the same clean, uncovered surface as the clip cord.
  7. If using steel tubes, use inside portion of machine bag to open tube container and place tube inside then replace lid.
  8. If using disposable tubes, leave tubes on mayo tray.
  9. Remove barrier from all covered areas except mayo tray and place on mayo tray.
  10. Place on or two paper towels in each rinse cup, as needed, then align all contents on mayo tray to wrap all together in a compact manner.
  11. Starting at one end of mayo tray, wrap all contents together by using the bottom piece of cellophane as the outermost cover with all other contents secured inside. Wrap from one end to the other paying close attention to any liquid ensuring it soaks into the clean field or paper towels.