Sterilization & Procedures

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Tool Cleaning Procedure



  1. Put on a glove.
  2. With gloved hand, take the bio tray from the piercing room to the sterilization room.
  3. With gloved hand, place piercing room bio tray on counter.
  4. With gloved hand, remove lid to ultrasonic.
  5. With gloved hand, move all tools from piercing room bio tray to sterilization room bio tray.
  6. Pull a paper towel from the dispenser with your ungloved hand and pass to your gloved hand, saturate towel with alcohol (handle bottle with ungloved hand) and wipe down the piercing room bio tray (To keep it looking clean!).
  7. With gloved hand, transport piercing room bio tray back to the piercing room.
  8. Remove glove.
  9. Return to sterilization room. Fill the Bio tray with simple green solution so that all of the tools are covered by the solution. Fill the ultrasonic with alconox solution. Be careful not to splash!
  10. Put on apron, sleeves, and two pairs of gloves (poke thumb hole through sleeve with first pair, don second pair over top of sleeve) (One nitrile pair over a pair of latex).
  11. Take out scrub brushes.
  12. Place bio tray into bio sink.
  13. Remove basket(s) from ultrasonic.
  14. Scrub tools. Only scrub tools when submerged in Simple Green mixture. Do not scrub outside of the liquid.
  15. When tools are free of debris place them in the ultrasonic baskets (Tapers/jewelry/receiving tubes/other small tools go in small mesh basket. Large tools go in the big basket.).
  16. Rinse tools in baskets under running water. Be careful not to splash.
  17. Place baskets in ultrasonic.
  18. Pull a length of plastic wrap from the roll on the bio counter, and place over top of ultrasonic. Take ultrasonic lid and place upside down on top of the ultrasonic.
  19. Set the timer on the ultrasonic for 8 minutes.
  20. Remove apron, sleeves, and both pairs of gloves.
  21. Wash/sanitize hands.
  22. When ultrasonic is done, pull a paper towel with an ungloved hand and place it on the bio counter.
  23. With gloved hands, pull the baskets from the ultrasonic and rinse the tools under running water being careful not to splash.
  24. With gloved hands, put the tools on the paper towel and leave out to dry.
  25. Empty Alconox from ultrasonic.
  26. Take off gloves.
  27. Count the tools and take out (With ungloved hands) as many sterilization pouches as there are tools. All of the tapers, receiving tubes, and jewelry will be packed in ONE pouch .
  28. Initial and date all pouches on a clean surface, then drop them on the bio counter.
  29. When all of the tools are completely dry, put on a pair of gloves and put the tools in the sterilization pouches.
  30. Remove one glove.
  31. Bring autoclave trays over to the bio counter with ungloved hand, set down on the bio counter (Carefully so as not to touch bio counter with ungloved hand).
  32. Load bagged tools onto the autoclave trays with gloved hand.
  33. With gloved hand, load trays into the autoclave.
  34. Using your ungloved hand to operate the knobs and door of the autoclave, start the sterilization cycle.
  35. Pull a paper towel with your ungloved hand and pass it to your gloved hand. Saturate with disinfectant (handling bottle with ungloved hand).
  36. With gloved hand, wipe down the bio work area with disinfectant.
  37. Remove glove and wait for autoclave to finish (Don’t forget to log the cycle!).
  38. When the cycle in the autoclave is finished and the packages are dry, put on a glove and put the sterilized tools away in the piercing room. Set the package with the tapers, receiving tubes, and jewelry aside.
  39. After putting all other tools away, open the pouch that contains all of the jewelry, tapers, and receiving tubes and using the heat sealer, seal each tool individually. Label each tool on the edge of the package with your initials, the date, and the size of the taper/what kind of tool it is. Put all jewelry that was in the package in its appropriate location.
  40. Run an autoclave cycle on the receiving tubes and tapers (Don’t forget to log the cycle!).
  41. When the autoclave is done and the packages are dry, put on a glove and put all of the tapers/receiving tubes in their appropriate location in the piercing room.
  42. Remove glove.
  43. Initial that you did the tools on the piercer’s chore list.