Yes. We pierce and tattoo minors, however, each artist has their own policy and age restrictions regarding clients under 18 years old. Please call or stop by either of our studios for more information.

Underage clients (under the age of 18) MUST have present proper identification as well as a parent or legal guardian present.

Identification that we accept is as follows:

A drivers license, state ID, or passport from the parent.

A drivers license, state ID, school ID (with photo), or a recreational pass (with photo) from the minor.

Regardless of what ID is used for the minor, a birth certificate MUST also be presented

If the last names differ on the ID’s, Legal custody AND/OR Divorce documentation must be provided. If a guardian has legal custody of a minor, there is paperwork that exists and it must be shown at the time of service.

The birth certificate proves the “ties” between the parent and the minor. For example, a minor and their cousin could have the same last name, but on the birth certificate, it states the full names of both parents for the minor. This prohibits any person from falsifying the identity of a guardian to the minor, this is for the safety of our clients.

Where can I get an ID for my kid who does not have a state ID, drivers license, or a passport?