2520 SUMMIT ST. 

I knew I wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. I’ve dabbled in almost every type of media, from drawing, painting, and sculpture, to jewelry-making, printmaking, and ceramics. My tattoo career finally formed its roots in early 2017 during my junior year of college; I decided to take a break from the OSU Fine Arts program to focus more on my personal portfolio, and tattooing. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Ever since I picked up my first coil machine, I’ve been practicing and honing my style down, and eventually, I realized that rotary machines were more conducive to my detailed mehndi-influenced tattoos. I’ll be kicking off my professional tattoo career at Evolved Body Art to start off 2019; I’m very excited to take my first big step on this journey and can’t wait to absorb all of the knowledge from the very talented Evolved family. I live and breathe art and the creative process, it’s made me into the positive free-spirited person that I am today, and I’m stoked to see where it takes me and the impact that I have on my clients in the near future!