There are many reasons people find themselves getting Cover-Ups in the course of their lives, usually the result of rash decisions that were made in our twenties. No judgments. That’s how most of us ended up as tattoo artists, truth be told.

Cover-Ups do not belong to any specific style, per se, but are rather determined by what does and doesn’t work. The guiding principle in doing a proper cover-up is to completely obliterate the offending tattoo with another (BETTER) tattoo, but in such a way that no one knows the first tattoo was there to begin with.

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cover-ups, generally speaking a color can only be covered with a DARKER color. Ideally in order to be done properly you are looking at a design that is at least twice the size of the original to effectively hide it, and usually entails turning over a lot of artistic control.

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